About Us

Our Company

Advanced IAQ Services is dedicated to provide you with clean indoor air quality. Whether you call us after a specific loss or concern, (a flood, leak, remodeling, etc.), Or you would like a have a licensed and trained consultant come to your home to inspect and test your air quality, we provide professional and meticulous service. 

Advanced IAQ Services is also licensed to remediate issues such as mold in a method that does not compromise contaminating the rest of your home or building. Below is a list of our services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and assist.

Educating our clients is the most important tool for prevention. If we can educate people about the products they use in their homes and buildings and how to maintain good indoor air quality, we can minimize health hazards. 

Assisting clients in need during urgent matters is something Advanced IAQ was built for. We were designed from the ground up for emergency situations and quick turnaround times. We believe it is vital during times of flood issues, health issues, whatever it may be, to have results as quick as possible.

Our Values

Our values are health and happiness.

Healthy families and healthy employees are the top priority for Advanced IAQ Services. We are in the business to provide you with the confidence that we can and will do everything possible to mitigate any indoor air pollutants or losses that can lead to adverse health effects.

Let's make it easy. Dealing with health issues and home or building issues can be stressful. We go through great efforts so you don't have to. Our inspectors will provide you with easy to understand reports and recommendations, and will take the time to educate you on your situation.