Mold Remediation


What is the importance of professional mold remediation?

Without professional mold remediation, it is possible you can worsen your situation. Mold is a living organism that can thrive with only a few conditions. Whereas a contractor without a mold remediation license may try to do his good deed to remove the problem areas with mold, a licensed mold remediator will make sure the spores don't spread once you remove that drywall, cabinet, flooring, etc. They will be sure to set up containment for the area affected and that the air stays clean during remediation. 

Removing drywall with mold, for example, will cause the spores to become airborne and search for a new home. This could cause the mold to spread to other areas of the house or onto your personal belongings. There are many variables in factors that mold remediators are trained and licensed to be aware of.

Our Procedure

Advanced IAQ Services makes it our primary goal to remediate an issue and work on prevention. We want to make sure what has caused the issue has been resolved. One of our values at Advanced IAQ Services is health. We make sure the problem area is contained, your effected contents are cleaned, your air has been scrubbed of spores and/or toxins and you can return to your home or building feeling at ease. The effected areas will be remediated and safely removed from your space. We make sure the humidity is controlled for proper remediation as well. 

Our Equipment

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