Mold and Indoor Air Quality Inspections


What is the importance of good indoor air quality?

Today, 94% of the air we breathe is indoor air. We go from our home with recirculated air conditioning into our cars with air conditioning only to drive to work and work in our air conditioned building. And when we go to the store, you better believe we try to get that closest spot to the door so when can get right inside again! 

Within our buildings and homes, all sorts of things occur in this recirculated air. We paint, we add new flooring, we spray for bugs, we clean with chemicals and sometimes the building leaks. All these components and more are happening in your space and causing bacteria, mold spores, endotoxins, mycotoxins and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). These VOCs are in and of themselves toxic. And you're breathing this air 94% of the time ,because it's indoor air. Now, can it have an effect on you? You bet!

These particulates and vapors can cause inflammation, allergies, asthma, headaches, fatigue, cancer and the list goes on. Mycotoxins are also potent immunosuppressive agents that directly affect immune cells and also modify immune responses as a consequence of tissue damage elsewhere. 

Our Procedure

During a Mold and Indoor Air quality assessment , we do a visual inspection along with gathering data and samples from the home to investigate and/or send to a lab. When we send these samples (air samples, direct samples, etc.) to the lab, a doctoral Toxicologist studies the samples and sends us the results in full detail. We are able to see as specific as what species of mold spore is in the air as well as how many per cubic feet. Mold testing in Jacksonville has never been easier!

With all of this data, we create a report with clear, easy to read recommendations on how to alleviate the problem(s) to make your home or building a safer one.

Our Equipment

During assessment, we use modern and extremely accurate equipment to pinpoint problems in your breathing space. All of this, while being nonintrusive to your home or building. This equipment includes Thermal Imaging, Moisture meters for moisture mapping, Professional Hygrometers, Air-O-Cell air pumps for air samples, borescopes for hard to see places like air duct systems or behind drywall and cabinets, and pens for detecting negative air pressure. With this equipment paired with our licensed assessors, you can be assured this process will leave you in a much safer building or home.

For any questions you may still have or to request our services, send us a message!